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                        Welcome to our site.

DOUBLE HELIX is a sydney based minecraft server, although only new, the operators

have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience whether it be custom builds,

carrying out admin duties on various servers or running their own server.

our server is towny based, simply put, you create a town and players will ask to

join your town, where they can build in safety with no threat from the munsters

prowling around or randoms being able to trash their time consuming builds.

If you rather lead the life of a hermit, your'e still able to build in the

wilderness, but there's no guarantee your builds won't be destroyed.

We like to think we'll be able to cater for most players tastes and will strive to

make their gaming experience with us an enjoyable one.

The forum is an ideal place to leave feedback and also to welcome new players,

all suggestions left on the forum in regards to improvements you would like to

see implemented on the server will be taken seriously and if they work within our

guidelines, will be introduced to the best of our abilities.
An Aussie Minecraft Server
D-Helix 2018

Our Server IP is